What’s Happening?

We are prepapring for the 2017 growing season by:

In May-
-All four of our Farmer's Markets are officially open and in full swing until the end of November.
-We are prepping and will be at the 19th Annual Plant Fair in Berkeley Springs, WV May 12th and 13th
(the fair will be open on Friday May 12th from 9-6, and Saturday May 13th from 9-4)

At the Farm:
-Watching the weather and taking frost precautions
-Herb propagating in the green houses
-Planting Tomatoes and Peppers outside
-Staking tomatoes
-High Tunnel Planting
-Cold crop planting
-Market prep each week

In June-
-Watching the weather for severe storms
-Market prep each week

Upcoming Events

May Events

*Berkeley Springs Farmer's Market has opened for the 2017 season and will be open through the end of November.

*Burke and Reston's Farmers Markets of Fairfax County, VA are open and will be through mid December.


*The Nineteenth Annual Plant Fair will be held at the Berkeley Springs State Park Friday and Saturday May 12th & 13th 

*Mother's Day will be flourishing with beautiful blossoms of fuchsia and petunia baskets from Glascock's Produce as well as many other vendors, food, fun children's activities and beautiful and unique gifts for Mom! Open Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-4. We hope to see you there!! 



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